Ayellowmark is the yellow, photographic project born on Instagram, created by an idea of Marko Morciano.
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Ayellowmark T-shirt

🇬🇧 From a creative ideas born creative project. So is born the Ayellowmark T-shirt | The style to express yourself 😎 The T-shirt are totally MADE IN ITALY and the quality of material and print is very high. Technical info: White fabric is 170 g/m named "Eusebio", made of natural fiber, and the print is textile screen printing, the most high quality to print on T-shirt.   🇮🇹 Da idee creative nascono progetti creativi. Così è nata Ayellowmark T-shirt | Lo stile per esprimere te stesso 😎 Le T-shirt sono completamente MADE IN ITALY e la qualità del tessuto e della stampa è molto alta. Info tecniche: Il tessuto bianco si chiama "Esubio" 170 g/m ed è fatto di fibra naturale. La stampa è stata fatta...

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The sunglasses born from social!

#AyellowmarkSunglasses photos
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Born from an idea of Marko Morciano and Nico Caradonna, known as #otticodelweb. There are really lot of reasons to have a presence on social networks, but the best one is certainly to create new projects together with other creative minds, such as the “Ayellowmark Sunglasses”. Here you can find the full story (in italian language). #AyellowmarkSunglasses on Instagram 💛...

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