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Eve Sleep: the perfect mattress for Ayellowmark… And not only for him


After worldwide yellow Ayellowmark is bringing with the new arrival of #AyellowmarkMugs and #AyellowmarkTshirt, all of this was not enough. The long hard days and give great satisfaction to Ayellowmark, but something was missing.

Go to bed late, don’t sleep well and wake up early to make the most…

This is not good, because our body needs to rest and needs the right amount of hours in order to offer the maximum – (it is recommended 7-8 hours of good sleep). We are like a machine. A very powerful machine that needs to take care as best as possible.

That’s why, the Ayellowmark world continues to grow and reached a great discovery, yes! That’s right! It’ss Eve Sleep, the new home of the mattress made just for all #Ayellowmark addicted 😄 but, above all, for those who like to sleep well!

Eve Sleep is an English company that manufactures (in German) luxury memory foam mattresses. They ship easily to your home. And not only that, Eve Sleep has many products, including the fantastic pillow, which I have already tested, and I suggest you to try; mattress toppers and pure cotton sheets.

More info about mattress can be found into detailed specifications directly on their site, which I strongly suggest you to visit, because you’ll really discover a world of quality. The excellence of their products already oozes from the site and the wide range of dimensions of the mattress, starting from simple single from 80x200cm to the mega bed 200x220cm, where virtually can also organize a mega party 😂😂😂

I can definitely tell you that having a mattress (but also a pillow) Eve Sleep worth it, for several reasons:

  • sleep well is FUNDAMENTAL, especially for those who work a lot and has a high physical and psychological stress;
  • luxury memory foam mattress is not for everyone, but Eve Sleep allows you to test it for free for 100 days before deciding to buy it. So then you do it because you won’t live without it, trust 😜
  • 10 year warranty! Ok?! That is, you can take advantage of the replacement of your mattress with a new one! ✨
  • easily get to your home, canned and with a lot of packaging from the design so cool, they definitely will use as decorative material 😄 I have done so!
  • and then it’s yellow! 💛 And if you love Ayellowmark you’ll love also Eve Sleep! 😉

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